Sunday, February 22, 2009

The world without you

My 12th exams were going on, my grandma was in serious condition, i was unable to see her..
i was waiting for my hols, so that i can go to native and see her but just one day rolled on she was out of the world but not from our soul..
i can stil remember those golden moments spent with her, we have been to shops, playing games near the well at her sweet home, she used to show me those sparrows their nests in the well, fishes.. c used to tel me her struggles in her life and how she overcame those, how she became a successful lady in mending her children, she is a kitchen kiladi.. really i love her special prepartion for us during the holidays "halwa" wow..
but where did u go now?? grandma i miss u, i need u.. i want these things again, i want to chat with u sweet heart............
your ever loving granddaughter

Love u n miss u so much

The day i was born, she was so happy.. From that day her care towards me was awesome and the way she shows.. cant express in words.
whenever i visit her (she is in hometown) she is so happy and that is felt through her tears.
even when mom says no to things which i like due to some reasons it is she who buys it for me.
she wants everyone to be happy, she prays for that daily.
i wanted to buy a saree for her and i gave her that day, after some days i visited her but stil the saree kept unused! she was sick for past 2 r 3 months, so she didnt wear that but she was very eager in wearing it after getting well.
Last week i went to see her, but she didnt see me... all the memories of her was scrolling in my mind.. i couldnt even realize that she is dead. she was lying in the coffin and i could feel that she is just sleeping.. how can she leave us?? miss u grandma.. love u so much.. saw the saree in coffin.......

Sunday, January 11, 2009


Key component of natural gas is methane, and now we can get this methane easily through micro-organisms called methanogens that feed on coal, so that electricity can be generated! This could help reduce carbon-dioxide emissions, and eliminate an anticipated need to import natural gas in the future.

The process goes like this - Long hydrocarbon molecules in coal are broken into shorter molecules by one type of microbe. These molecules are then converted into organic acids and alcohols by other micro-organisms. Finally, the methanogens feed on these and produce methane!

Kudos to Luca Technologies, researchers and scientists involved in this and lets hope this proj becomes success in near future!

Happy new year

Hello frnz,
Happy new year (belated wishes). A feast for tennis lovers, Chennai open tennis that is being held from Jan 5th to 11th, by the way Somdev Devvarman has entered the finals in the chennai open tennis, but he lost to Marin Cilic (CRO), who was born on 28th Sep `88. Somdev was born on 13th Feb `85, and his native is Assam, residing in Charlottesville,VA, U.S.A.

Saturday, December 13, 2008


How exciting will it be when its going to be one of ur best frnz's wedding? hooooo but i missed the day as i couldnt take leave.............. Dec 3rd if that was sunday then i would have been enjoying but as it was wednesday i would jus gather our sweet old memories and wish her in telepathy!(Sorry da) N from now i have decided not to miss any of the functions.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Jatropha will be in air soon!

Biofuel - Alternative to petroleum for reducing carbon-dioxide emissions. Now its turn for Jatropha! A Boeing 747 belonging to Air New Zealand will be powered by a mixture of this biofuel and conventional fuel, developed by UOP (A Honeywell Company)!

The jatropha oil contains oxygen, inorder to make the oil a hydrocarbon, hydrogen gas is added which removes the oxygen. This hydrocarbon molecules are then broken into shorter molecules through a hydrocracking refining process, and the linear molecules are twisted in the chain, thus replacing conventional fuel without requiring changes to existing engines! It has lower freezing point, can be exposed to higher temperatures without degrading, and can cover farther distances. Have a smooth, successful and safe test flight on December 3.

Sunday, November 16, 2008


Yesterday i got a chance to see a song for the first time which i have heard many times. I was not that much satisfied with that bcz i had imagined that the song will be shot in nice cool locations (as it was a melodious song) but as if keeping a full stop to my imagination it had video of old styles! I couldnt even still match the song with its video! so pity!! This is what they call as expect the unexpected?!!

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Years after!

Yesterday i met one of my sis at her home. I was so happy to see her little kid who is a photocopy of sis! The kutti gave various cute expressions oh wow cho chweet baby, she is still glittering in my eyes :) and she will leave to US in next few days (miss u da).
Sis still retains her garrulous nature! Pavam anna and kutti!! ;) i was thinking thats why kutti made that much expressions!! (jus kidding :)) Actually i badly missed sis after her departure to US and i missed bro & aunty who all shifted to another place. We used to spend our times chatting, playing and she is the first person who introduced me to the web world, thank you sisssy. She created my first mail account despite her busy schedule during her college days. Now after 5 yrs she is the same as i have met her before except for the winter melon!!hehe ..

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Election results!

Democratic Senator Mr.Barack Obama is elected as the first black president of the US.

Mr. Obama with his family waving his hand to his ppl with a victorious smile.

Historic election, his fans and followers are rejoicing.

Mr. Obama said "The road ahead will be long. Our climb will be steep. But America - I have never been more hopeful than I am tonight that we will get there."

Monday, November 3, 2008

Nov election!

Today, High turn-out leads to shortage of ballot papers! Still who will lead the nation? Get the gallup poll and updates here.

The most awaited election has started!

Awaiting the poll results..

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Veggies at peak and now its our turn!

Yesterday i went to vegetable market to get some fresh veggies but i was stunned after hearing the rates! Tomato which was Rs.8 had turned to Rs.40 per kg!! oh my god.. Brinjal Rs. 40, carrot Rs. 30, Beetroot Rs. 30.... I got giddiness after hearing this and returned back home buying pickles!
Had curd rice for supper! For how many days is this curd rice?! When will u return back to your normal rates veggies? The climatic condition is changing due to deforestation. When are we going to plant trees and protect our forests? Many organizations and individuals are promoting the concept of turning our place green and we shall co operate with them by saving trees from cutting down. Kids should be trained to plant more saplings and to guard them. I used to wonder how kids care about the plants, inia is a 5yr old cute little kid who always want to nurture her sweet little shrub along with her mom, now that she has planted around 28 samplings to her credit! Even the little girl has contributed to our planet Earth, so then i too started planting trees. What are you waiting for friends, come and join hands in making our city green and saving our planet.

Thrill !

I wonder why these days are scrolling like watching a horror movie! News!! Bomb blast in cities, Hike in veg price, petrol products, gold price, Steep fall in share markets, major IT companies lay off their employees, the news goes on on on... Most of the student's dream is to become an IT professional but as of now No campus recruitments, the recruited students are yet to be called! its only after Christmas and november election, we can have atleast some clear picture (positive results) of what shall be the next move by companies. Hope we 'll find The End to the Global meltdown soon.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Fav song!

One of my fav songs in recent times is mundinam parthene song from varanam ayiram. Its so melodious that u will sure get lost in the song!!

You can check out the song in the link below and enjoy :)

Lyrics of the song:

[Dialogue: Hi Malini, I'm Krishnan, naan idha solliye aghonum
nee avalavo alaghu, inga evanum inda alagha oru..
ivalavu alagha partirika mattanga and I'm in love with you]

Mundhinam partene partadum thotrene
Salladai kannagha, nenjamum ponnanathe
Ettanai naal agha unnai naan paaramal
Enga thaan poneno natkalum veenanathe
Vaanathil Nee vennila yeakkathil naan theaivathaa
Ippodhu ennodhu vandal enna
Oor parka ondraghe serndral enna
Ippodhu ennodhu vandal enna
Oor parka ondraghe serndral enna

Mundhinam partene partadum thotrene
Salladai kannagha, nenjamum ponnanathe
Ettana naal agha unnai naan paaramal
Engai thaan poneno natkalum veenanathe


Thula thottil unnai vaithu, migar seya ponnai vaitai
Thulaabaaram thoarkaatho per azhage
Mugam partum pesum unnai, mudhal kaadhal seindhum kannai
Annaikamal paaveno aaruyire
Oooh oru nilal pole, vidamal unnai thodervenadi
Pugal pole padamal patthu nagarvenadi
Vinaa nooru kanaavum nooru vidai solladi

Mundhinam partene partadum thotrene
Salladai kannagha, ullamum ponnanathe
Ittana naal agha unnai naan paaramal
Engai thaan poneno natkalum veenanathe


kadal neelam mangum nerum aalai vandu theendum thorum
Manam sendru moolgaatho eerathile
thalai saaike thoalum thantaai viral kottum pakkum vandai
Idal mattum ennum yen dhooratile
Pagal neram kanakal kanden urangamale
Uyirendu muraya kanden nerungamale
Unai endri eneke edhu edhirkaalame

Mundhinam partene partadum thotrene
Salladai kannagha, nenjamum ponnanathe
Ettanai naal agha unnai naan paaramal
Engai thaan poneno natkalum veenanathe
Vaanathil nee vennila yerkathil naan deivatha
Ippodhu ennodhu vandal enna
Oor parka ondraghe serndral enna
Ippodhu ennodhu vandal enna
Oor parka ondraghe serndral enna..

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Jolting paralysis!

Researchers are successful in moving the wrists of paralyzed monkeys! They wired individual neurons (brain cells) directly to muscle cells via a computer that translates brain activity into an electrical jolt, thus helping the monkeys to move their paralyzed wrists for playing video games!

In the picture you can see the paralyzed arm monkey playing video game, the brain cell is connected with computer through wires and the wires connect the arms by-passing the blocked nerve path. This method will greatly help the human beings in near future. Thanks to Prof. Eberhard Fetz and his team for their great contribution and revolution in the medical field relieving stress and mental tension in patients.


Diwali, the festival of lights. Watching the sky on diwali eve is awesome. We used to hang up in the terrace enjoying the variety of sparks. This diwali showed up much dense smoke than usual, but still we ended up in enjoyment! We were rotating in 360 degrees for about 2hrs! The colorful lights and the sparkles up in the sky kept us rotating.
Morning we used to go for rounds! i.e, we give sweets to neighbors, frenz and relatives and they do visit us back at our home. This is simply like get together were we meet everyone inspite of our busy schedules. The festival paves a way for us to meet each other even if they are our neighbor!
Meet u all in next sparkling post ..