Saturday, November 8, 2008

Years after!

Yesterday i met one of my sis at her home. I was so happy to see her little kid who is a photocopy of sis! The kutti gave various cute expressions oh wow cho chweet baby, she is still glittering in my eyes :) and she will leave to US in next few days (miss u da).
Sis still retains her garrulous nature! Pavam anna and kutti!! ;) i was thinking thats why kutti made that much expressions!! (jus kidding :)) Actually i badly missed sis after her departure to US and i missed bro & aunty who all shifted to another place. We used to spend our times chatting, playing and she is the first person who introduced me to the web world, thank you sisssy. She created my first mail account despite her busy schedule during her college days. Now after 5 yrs she is the same as i have met her before except for the winter melon!!hehe ..