Sunday, January 11, 2009


Key component of natural gas is methane, and now we can get this methane easily through micro-organisms called methanogens that feed on coal, so that electricity can be generated! This could help reduce carbon-dioxide emissions, and eliminate an anticipated need to import natural gas in the future.

The process goes like this - Long hydrocarbon molecules in coal are broken into shorter molecules by one type of microbe. These molecules are then converted into organic acids and alcohols by other micro-organisms. Finally, the methanogens feed on these and produce methane!

Kudos to Luca Technologies, researchers and scientists involved in this and lets hope this proj becomes success in near future!

Happy new year

Hello frnz,
Happy new year (belated wishes). A feast for tennis lovers, Chennai open tennis that is being held from Jan 5th to 11th, by the way Somdev Devvarman has entered the finals in the chennai open tennis, but he lost to Marin Cilic (CRO), who was born on 28th Sep `88. Somdev was born on 13th Feb `85, and his native is Assam, residing in Charlottesville,VA, U.S.A.