Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Fav song!

One of my fav songs in recent times is mundinam parthene song from varanam ayiram. Its so melodious that u will sure get lost in the song!!

You can check out the song in the link below and enjoy :)

Lyrics of the song:

[Dialogue: Hi Malini, I'm Krishnan, naan idha solliye aghonum
nee avalavo alaghu, inga evanum inda alagha oru..
ivalavu alagha partirika mattanga and I'm in love with you]

Mundhinam partene partadum thotrene
Salladai kannagha, nenjamum ponnanathe
Ettanai naal agha unnai naan paaramal
Enga thaan poneno natkalum veenanathe
Vaanathil Nee vennila yeakkathil naan theaivathaa
Ippodhu ennodhu vandal enna
Oor parka ondraghe serndral enna
Ippodhu ennodhu vandal enna
Oor parka ondraghe serndral enna

Mundhinam partene partadum thotrene
Salladai kannagha, nenjamum ponnanathe
Ettana naal agha unnai naan paaramal
Engai thaan poneno natkalum veenanathe


Thula thottil unnai vaithu, migar seya ponnai vaitai
Thulaabaaram thoarkaatho per azhage
Mugam partum pesum unnai, mudhal kaadhal seindhum kannai
Annaikamal paaveno aaruyire
Oooh oru nilal pole, vidamal unnai thodervenadi
Pugal pole padamal patthu nagarvenadi
Vinaa nooru kanaavum nooru vidai solladi

Mundhinam partene partadum thotrene
Salladai kannagha, ullamum ponnanathe
Ittana naal agha unnai naan paaramal
Engai thaan poneno natkalum veenanathe


kadal neelam mangum nerum aalai vandu theendum thorum
Manam sendru moolgaatho eerathile
thalai saaike thoalum thantaai viral kottum pakkum vandai
Idal mattum ennum yen dhooratile
Pagal neram kanakal kanden urangamale
Uyirendu muraya kanden nerungamale
Unai endri eneke edhu edhirkaalame

Mundhinam partene partadum thotrene
Salladai kannagha, nenjamum ponnanathe
Ettanai naal agha unnai naan paaramal
Engai thaan poneno natkalum veenanathe
Vaanathil nee vennila yerkathil naan deivatha
Ippodhu ennodhu vandal enna
Oor parka ondraghe serndral enna
Ippodhu ennodhu vandal enna
Oor parka ondraghe serndral enna..

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Jolting paralysis!

Researchers are successful in moving the wrists of paralyzed monkeys! They wired individual neurons (brain cells) directly to muscle cells via a computer that translates brain activity into an electrical jolt, thus helping the monkeys to move their paralyzed wrists for playing video games!

In the picture you can see the paralyzed arm monkey playing video game, the brain cell is connected with computer through wires and the wires connect the arms by-passing the blocked nerve path. This method will greatly help the human beings in near future. Thanks to Prof. Eberhard Fetz and his team for their great contribution and revolution in the medical field relieving stress and mental tension in patients.


Diwali, the festival of lights. Watching the sky on diwali eve is awesome. We used to hang up in the terrace enjoying the variety of sparks. This diwali showed up much dense smoke than usual, but still we ended up in enjoyment! We were rotating in 360 degrees for about 2hrs! The colorful lights and the sparkles up in the sky kept us rotating.
Morning we used to go for rounds! i.e, we give sweets to neighbors, frenz and relatives and they do visit us back at our home. This is simply like get together were we meet everyone inspite of our busy schedules. The festival paves a way for us to meet each other even if they are our neighbor!
Meet u all in next sparkling post ..

Saturday, October 25, 2008


Last sunday i was watching TV, where i saw one of my college friends in a show. I was shouting in home with enthu that i have seen her in the show! The next moment we were in phone and tears rolled on hearing her voice as there was no contact with her after college. Friends do keep in touch..


Yesterday i was chatting with my college friends. Some are working as lecturers, and i was asking about their experiences with students. They are having a gala time over there. My friends dont scold the students and they move friendly with them so they are liked by everyone.
But still one of my frnz (Bujan) told that he is not satisfied with his students! Actually he teaches well but the thing is he is an express!! He talks so fast that we used to call him ExPrEsS!
His principal was in rounds and he has entered into lecturers cabin. Bujan was also standing along with his collegeaus, the principal has pointed out him and said " Students are not allowed inside the cabin during class hours!" (What a colorful smoke!!!!! Hoooooooo :P) Actually he was not wearing tie that time, so only this bulb! When princi enquird about the tie, Bujan told " Sir its so hot here. I cannt wear the tie!" (As though its an overcoat!!!!)

Eventhough Bujan enjoys his work sometimes he is sad. His students do not respond him during classes! No expressions, no comments, no movements! they all become statues during class hours! This reminds my college days.. Staff members used to tell our class, please tell yes or no atleast, because they will be taking class for nearly 45 min but we as students will be starring at them and listening. They couldnt even guess whether we are listening to them or simply sitting or in dream world! They used to give us sit ups sometimes!!!! ;) Sweet memories........ Now Express Bujan experiences the Staff tension! Take it easy and get going as students..

Ayiram waiting

Varanam Ayiram, waiting for the release. But when?? the songs are rocking, mundinam parthene song is so melodious. This film is going to be a big treat for surya fans :) after a long gap. Hope the film hits the theatre soon with a big bang.

Monday, October 13, 2008

Got wet!

Yesterday morning it was raining heavily. I managed to get a bus to reach my destination, but got caught in heavy traffic due to rain water in narrow streets. By that time the rain had stopped. I was already late, so i started walking in a hurry burry. That was about 20 minutes walk. The weather was cool after the showers. When i opened the door, my friends found me wet. They thought i got wet in rain but actually it was sweat!

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Sun showering day!

SuNdAy morning, woke up late i.e bit late from usual timings. No tension, no hurry burry. Around 10:30 got a call from my best friend vithya. Then after some time i was entering loyola college for the first time. Actually i went there to attend an interview. I couldnt find out the exact building or location of the test venue, but somehow i managed to reach.
When i was waiting in the line, one of my sweet college friends came along with her dad. I was so happy to see her after a long time. :) We were chatting and had a nice time, and we wished to back to our college! We had chappati as our lunch at loyola college, really so soft and superb. The college has so many trees which impressed me a lot. It was so beautiful that too after those thundering sHoWeRs! It was like a colony with lots of departments! In the evening we departed with a sweet news that my dear vithu got selected :) yuhooooooo... Her name topped the selected candidates list.. :) congrates da.. That was awesome, my sweet dear friend, she is really a talented girl and she used to read many books. She is a big fan of F1 race and AC of Michael Schumacher ;). Now that her dream job has welcomed her. :) waiting for a big treat from her.. hoooo..

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Is it a jammy travel?!

Driving is an art. I was sitting just behind the bus driver's seat. I was so emotional and excited, when it was a turn or overtake! As though i was driving the vehicle i got tensed and was putting brakes!! There comes the red signal. We are about 1 km away from the signal! People in the metro cities really have patience! They do travel daily (may be the situation that matters). We were moving like a snail in the road! Its not that easy to survive in a crowded bus eventhough you are seated! And when coming to traffic, you get drowned in sweat in the stand still situation.

While we were crowling there came a sudden brake while i was watching out through the window. That was due to a bike that suddenly crossed our bus, to fill the gap inbetween our bus and a car infront! The bus driver was really cautious and he was driving smoothly in his long run. Kudos to the bus drivers, who value the life and helping to reach out our destinations at right time saving our life and time. Bike riders are really brave enough but still they are risking their life and threatening others life. As the chinese proverb goes "One moment of patience may ward off great disaster. One moment of impatience may ruin a whole life", have a safe journey..

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

A little stop!

If you ask what is the most important key to longevity, I would have to say it is avoiding worry, stress and tension! Yesterday i was travelling in a bus, i think the conductor was bit tensed. He was just telling everyone to get tickets, actually he was threatening! A women got a ticket to little mount. She asked the conductor to intimate her when her destination stop arrives, but the conductor didnt reply. So she repeatedly asked him, atlast he responded her with a bang! When her stopped arrived, the conductor yelled as "hey little mount, get down!". I was just shocked to hear that!! Actually he was referring to the stop yar!!

Friday, October 3, 2008

Ads by conductor!

Advertisements!! Everywhere ads.. Today i was very eagerly waiting to collect my ticket in the bus! Do you know y?? That was interesting.. I gave the money to the bus conductor to get my ticket and he pressed the buttons on the electronic

machine. There came my ticket rolling out from that electronic ticket machine. Yeah the conductor handed me but i didn't see the money or the places that was printed!! There were some colorful prints at the back of the ticket! This was the reason for my eagerness and excitement! That was an advertisement!!!!!! Ads for "Kakki", a serial in vijay tv! I could see such eagerness in other faces too! That was really a nice idea. :)

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Healthy T!

Tea is fairly rich in most of the B group vitamins also a good source of vitamin E and K and Beta-carotene (changes into vitamin A in our body).Tea contains traces of minerals like Copper, Flouride and Manganese and the fluoride helps in avoiding cavities in the teeth!

A cup of tea, containing 2 tbsp of milk and a tsp of sugar, yields about 40 calories.Milk contains casein, which makes the tannin in the tea insoluble, thus removing some of its astringency(acidic effect).Apart from the milk and sugar generally added, the tea infusion contains marginal quantities of vitamins and minerals, but no significant quantities of extractable proteins, carbohydrates or fats.
hey catch u later.. its tea time ..

Rare in millions!

An evidence the Antarctic continent was once much warmer than today and may have been able to sustain life.

A rare occurrence in the fossil record (ostracods) was discovered in the Dry Valleys of the East Antarctic region in an ancient lake which is 14 million years old! The fossils show that there has been a substantial and very intense cooling of the Antarctic climate after this time interval is important in understanding the effects of global warming.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

HIGHLY alarming!

You look taller, leaner and simply more glamorous with spindly stilettos and towering wedges but their stilettos threaten to leave alarming effects down at heel causing bunions, corns, bent toes and trapped nerves.

Effects of stiletto and the cost to recover:

While we all love our high heels, wearing them for prolonged periods is bad news for our health and our wallets. Foot operations on women to remove bunions, to straighten toes disfigured by ill-fitting shoes, mostly high heels and accident in their heels, with twisted ankles and tripping over the most common mishaps. Cosmetic surgery is also increasing in popularity with treatments including 'plumping' in which dermal filler is injected into the ball of the foot to make walking more comfortable.
what happens:
Stilettos force the wearer to raise their heel, so the lower back bends to compensate.This puts pressure on nerves in the back and can cause sciatica, a condition in which trapped nerves cause pain and numbness as far down as the feet. A damage to the Achilles tendon, which runs up the back of the leg from the heel.

We need to wear mix of flat and comfortable shoes instead of just high heels matching our choice to allow our bodies time to recover inorder to be painfree sooner and to avoid long-term health problems. Sticking to heels no higher than 11/2in can help.