Saturday, November 1, 2008

Veggies at peak and now its our turn!

Yesterday i went to vegetable market to get some fresh veggies but i was stunned after hearing the rates! Tomato which was Rs.8 had turned to Rs.40 per kg!! oh my god.. Brinjal Rs. 40, carrot Rs. 30, Beetroot Rs. 30.... I got giddiness after hearing this and returned back home buying pickles!
Had curd rice for supper! For how many days is this curd rice?! When will u return back to your normal rates veggies? The climatic condition is changing due to deforestation. When are we going to plant trees and protect our forests? Many organizations and individuals are promoting the concept of turning our place green and we shall co operate with them by saving trees from cutting down. Kids should be trained to plant more saplings and to guard them. I used to wonder how kids care about the plants, inia is a 5yr old cute little kid who always want to nurture her sweet little shrub along with her mom, now that she has planted around 28 samplings to her credit! Even the little girl has contributed to our planet Earth, so then i too started planting trees. What are you waiting for friends, come and join hands in making our city green and saving our planet.