Friday, May 30, 2008

Project Reviews!!


God only knows how v wil be for our reviews!!

our batch n another batch were lyk a ball in hands of co-ordi n our guide!!!

Tht was the 1st zeroth review!! v 4 of us infront of the sys.. busy with slides..
then v decided to give our review.. our beloved couldnt come stil v gave the review!!

Our proj was on grid.. v were just firing out points tht v had from our base paper!!rolling on to next slides n v saw jus blank faces infront of us!!
then came a voice saying wat r u ppl talking abt.. jus explain us in a few words!!!!!then they told redo!!the next time.. the same happened..redo!!.. the third time.. v al started the same old sign n the review material!! hoooooo...tht was awesome!!

Our target was to finish the first review before others..
this was in our class room with projector!!

Actually v were prepared but our beloved couldnt come so v cant attend the review but v were forced by others to move on to the dais.. v managed from our first review by telling tht v dont have a cd n tht our slide s not in pendrive!!
the next time the same was our case..beloved couldnt come ..v cant attend the review..but v were forced!!

Now here i have to tel abt my dear naughty enthu sush!!c s alwayz fast in her actions n c s a busy bee..c wants everything to be finished wel before time n then c relaxes then too c doesn't sits idle.. munching n
busy in her thots of wat next wat next!!

V were asked to open our slides tht v had it in our pendrives..vithu's pendrive was already plugged in.. n v have told tht v have slide in another pendrive which sush had!! so sush made an attempt to insert the pendrive!!!!! can one forget that!!c went near the sys keyboard then moved on to the CPU.. c was searching searching n the staff in front rows were guiding her.. but our busy bee was ignoring al n was in her own way!!!c couldnt find out tht, then c made her move to the projector!!!!!!! was searching for the usb at the back n even infront of the projector!! actually v were tensed but c relieved us .. v were jus out of our tensions n our class was enjoying!! c made a cool attempt to make us relax.. thnx this time al our staff were in nice moods tht they left us from helding our review!!
actually the slide was in my pendrive..
now the third time ..our first review.. for past reviews v used to move on to the dais n go half way or the other due to their force n tel some reasons n wil get down.. now this time.. v were able to give.. as our beloved had made her way to our classroom review!!
this time v were smoothly presenting our show n atlast v made it!!

Second review!!tht was ful of diagrams n the same story.. this time too v gave only at the 3rd attempt!!!N at last v made our final viva voce in a single attempt..hoooo.. tht was really cool..

N there r ppl who enjoy our reviews!!tht too for those who sit in the first bench they wil be jus flying in the skies whenever our batch gets rewards!!!!!!then too v never missed to enjoy ourselves!! N now finished our reviews too.. those swt memories wil never pass out without washing our eyes..

"There are no great things, only small things with great love. Happy are those."

meet u al n next post.. :)

Thursday, May 29, 2008

College Life!!

The day when v stepped into our college!!

Our class missing us :( --->

Jus frightened wat v r going to do, how to manage, the classes n staff, lab, workshops..!!!

4yrs went off as passing clouds!!couldn't even imagine that v have finished coll life!!
its jus lyk daydreaming!!

1st yr it was like skl.. but skl s better!!alwayz tests n assignments n CW n HW!!
completing the plates for gm n the 7 workshops made us to work mad..but stil enjoyd.. finding new frnz n calling them by names with due respects!!!!
2nd yr entering the dept!! Main block...this reminds me an incident..which made a drastic quake in everyone!! One fine morning(around 8 am) v were attending chemistry class..sir was not normal stil he was continuing with his lessons...suddenly he made a mark.."a bomb in the campus!!"
was tht a joke or something??!!couldnt realize wat he was speaking abt... when v peeped thro the windows there were police n sniffing dogs along with bomb detectors!!! v were jus sweating,tensed,jus watching the board literally!!no one was in their mindset!!al jus starring n thinking wat wil happen the next sec!!jus a small creaky sound used to rise our heartbeats every min..the tension was relieved when they confirmed it as rumor after a long time(tht day v had full day coll!!)
n v had many incidents too...

3rd yr busy with aps classes n preparations for interviews...
4th yr were v had 3 papers in final sem!! here comes the important part of our lyf!!! projects!!!how can one forget this!!almost 6 months tiresome works(reviews,doc preparations,diagrams,submission,flying to proj center!!)
v were the last batch for project..the moment v finished the viva voce v were in theatre..for the first time.. along with my batchmates!! "Yaradi nee Mohini" .. the balcony was ful with our frnz gang..v havent gave a whistle for surya or jo intro in films(bcz dis s the first film with frnz) but to dhanush!!haha..
then v were busy with our study hols.. al time slam buks in our hands..then came exams but tht rushed as a bullet train!!the last day..bade gud bye to al frnz with tears in al our eyes...everyone expected this.. but this was not the case!!v were busy in taking photos in our coll, in roads,n chatting with al.. bcz v r not departing from our hearts!!!! v stay alwayz connected n remembered each n every moment..

'A friend is someone who stays in when the rest of the world has gone out'

'No man can be happy without a friend, nor be sure of his friend till he is unhappy'

frnz enjoy ur lyf n Don't go through life, GROW through life :)

meet u al in next post.. :)