Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Jolting paralysis!

Researchers are successful in moving the wrists of paralyzed monkeys! They wired individual neurons (brain cells) directly to muscle cells via a computer that translates brain activity into an electrical jolt, thus helping the monkeys to move their paralyzed wrists for playing video games!

In the picture you can see the paralyzed arm monkey playing video game, the brain cell is connected with computer through wires and the wires connect the arms by-passing the blocked nerve path. This method will greatly help the human beings in near future. Thanks to Prof. Eberhard Fetz and his team for their great contribution and revolution in the medical field relieving stress and mental tension in patients.


kiwi said...

I would like to work in a interface brain - computer so I would use my computer and surf internet like in the matrix ^^ by they way that post in pretty interesting.