Sunday, July 27, 2008

Lucky passengers!!

Lucky enough are the passengers of Boeing 747!

The round of applause goes to the crew members, even though they were in hypertension they were calm and stable relieving atleast a bit tension among the passengers.

Actually the plane had 3 metre hole blasted in its fuselage, while it was on the way from London to Melbourne.

Oxygen masks dropped from the ceiling as debris flew through the cabin from the hole that had suddenly appeared in the floor.

The captain lowered the plane to just over 10,000 feet to stabilize the cabin pressure and increase the air temperature and there came the happiest successful emergency landing in Philippines, saving 346 passengers. U can c the pictures down...

The arch like hole

Analyzes going on..

Scary terrified passengers inside after the oxygen masks dropped

Emergency landing in Philippines

Captain John Francis Bartels

Hatz off captain n to the crew members... Safe home passengers..
meet u al n next post,, :)