Sunday, February 22, 2009

The world without you

My 12th exams were going on, my grandma was in serious condition, i was unable to see her..
i was waiting for my hols, so that i can go to native and see her but just one day rolled on she was out of the world but not from our soul..
i can stil remember those golden moments spent with her, we have been to shops, playing games near the well at her sweet home, she used to show me those sparrows their nests in the well, fishes.. c used to tel me her struggles in her life and how she overcame those, how she became a successful lady in mending her children, she is a kitchen kiladi.. really i love her special prepartion for us during the holidays "halwa" wow..
but where did u go now?? grandma i miss u, i need u.. i want these things again, i want to chat with u sweet heart............
your ever loving granddaughter