Sunday, February 22, 2009

Love u n miss u so much

The day i was born, she was so happy.. From that day her care towards me was awesome and the way she shows.. cant express in words.
whenever i visit her (she is in hometown) she is so happy and that is felt through her tears.
even when mom says no to things which i like due to some reasons it is she who buys it for me.
she wants everyone to be happy, she prays for that daily.
i wanted to buy a saree for her and i gave her that day, after some days i visited her but stil the saree kept unused! she was sick for past 2 r 3 months, so she didnt wear that but she was very eager in wearing it after getting well.
Last week i went to see her, but she didnt see me... all the memories of her was scrolling in my mind.. i couldnt even realize that she is dead. she was lying in the coffin and i could feel that she is just sleeping.. how can she leave us?? miss u grandma.. love u so much.. saw the saree in coffin.......


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